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Request Line: 260.484.BEAR (2327)

Pick Up Your Prize

Winners can pick up their prizes Monday – Friday 8a-5pm at 2915 Maples Rd., Fort Wayne, IN 46816. If you would like your prize mailed to you, please send us a self-addressed and stamped envelope.

We are not responsible for any lost or stolen prizes in the mail.

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Kyle G.

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Joel Pyle

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Hillary Keller

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Sharon Ummel

Commenting Rules of Engagement

We believe that a community becomes stronger when people engage one another in honest, informed conversation. We encourage you to share your opinions, using videos and images to explain your viewpoints. But at the same time, we insist on a civil exchange of ideas on our social media pages. So that we’re clear, we will not tolerate:

  • Personal attacks on private people.
  • Threats or insults.
  • False, misleading or defamatory statements.
  • Crude or obscene language, even if it’s obscured with dashes and other forms of punctuation.
  • Hate speech.
  • Contributors who hijack conversations, misrepresent themselves or promote commercial products and services.

Our community benefits when we engage in constructive conversations about the issues we face. We invite you to join us. But if you cannot honor the letter and spirit of these rules, we’ll continue the discussion without you.