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Created by on 1/8/2014 11:29:12 AM

Turner Watson: 5/5 Stars
See, it's a play on words: pills. Pilsner. See? Okay. I don't have a proper pilsner glass, so I poured it into a pint glass like I do ALL my beers. Equality. I haz it. Ain't playin' favorites with fancy-schmancy beer-specific glasses like that Mexican fella.(Although this would've been KILLER in a real Pilsner glass. Which I don't possess.) Anyway, it looked like a pilsner. Good, foamy head. Light blonde color. And it tasted JUST like a proper pilsner. Sweet, light, a bit malty. Just the right amount of carbonation, pitch-perfect body. Good stuff, and a refreshing change of pace.
John The Mexican:10/5 Stars
OOOOOHHHHH YEAH!!! Every once and a while we get a beer in the beer club that can change your life. This is one of them! Very easy to drink pilsner with a hint of citrus. Try this one out, and don't forget to get one of the glass sets from Belmont, it will totally change the composition of the beer. This one is SPECIAL!
Barry Thickk: 4/5 Stars
Pils, hmmmm thought this beer might of had a little hint of Vicodin but I was wrong. It was a very good pilsner. Yeast and dough with hints of lemon. Very slight bitterness but not to much. This beer would be worth an investment for your entertainment. Go get you some, Pils.

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