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Turner Watson: 4/5 Stars
I love this brew already, before I even open the can, based on the wee little quote there at the rim: "it's like Sputnik!" Then I see the dark brown color and thin, wispy head. And it's pretty damn good. Sweet. Malty. Medium body. This tastes like the baby that Newcastle Brown Ale and Belhaven Scottish Ale. Possibly weaker than the sum of its parts, but still enjoyable.
John The Mexican:2/5 Stars
Never trust a beer that has the word chub in it. MMMMMMM... sounds delicious. I want some of that chub. Ummmm... no. I didn't like it. Almost a tinny taste to it. Like it sat in the can or the keg too long. Couldn't wait to kill it and get to the next one... luckily for me, the next one KICKED ASS!
Barry Thickk: 4/5 Stars
Scotch Ale? Sign me up! Malty and some toffee. Not too sweet. Flavors are just right.This 8% can come to my fridge anytime.

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