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Turner Watson: 3/5 Stars
WARNING: NOT ALL BROWN ALES ARE. NEWCASTLE. Now, I actually enjoy the ol' Broon (that's how the Geordies say it) but know that it's not the only brown ale out there. This beer is a strange combination of sweet caramel and licorice. I'm not a huge fan of licorice, but let it slide because the other flavors mitigate it somewhat. This brown is really dark, too...almost stout or porter dark. An interesting take on brown ales, and worth checking out just to see how the other half lives.
John The Mexican:3.5/5 Stars
Meh. You know, I don't know if I was just being a diva bitch or what this weekend. Actually, yes I know I was being a diva bitch this weekend. But this one just didn't do much for me. Middle of the row brown ale. Nothing to it that really spoke to me. Wow, I am becoming a beer snob.
Barry Thickk: 2/5 Stars
New Holland tried to copy New Castle, didn't work. Not bad, but a very unimpressive brown winter ale. You can prolly get a better brown ale 6er' for ten bucks.

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