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Turner Watson: 2/5 Stars
Sam Adams got the Black Lager train rolling a few years back, and ever since this variety of beer has become a mainstay for all sorts of brewers. This one in particular is sort of unremarkable. It tastes like a flat porter, but has the body of an American light beer. Maybe that's the appeal of Black Lagers: a bit of the flavor that hardier beers offer, but without coming across as thick or rich. In other words, this is a brew for people that just aren't man enough for a proper pint but want to seem so.
Barry Thickk: 4/5 Stars
I'm always leary about black lager beers in a can. That being said, I was impressed by this beer once I poured it in a glass. Fresh-ground coffee, burnt caramel rise to greet the nose with the first whiff. Let this beer breathe, but be warned It doesn't take much to drink it quickly. Oops...

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