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Turner Watson: 5/5 Stars
Bells brewery boasts some of the finest beers in the nation, let alone the Midwest...and this baby is one of the flagship brews in the whole hop-and-barley armada. Super-charged hops are balanced by a delightful floral aftertaste and aroma. Crisp, clean finish. Top-notch body, color...everything. .
John The Mexican:4/5 Stars
Interesting label. I have never seen a fish head and thought man, I really want to drink that! Labels aren't everything though, I have had some beers with some REALLY cool labels that flat out sucked. This one did not. Very hoppy beer but not so much so that it seemed like they were just trying to fit as many hops as they could into the bottle. I enjoyed it and recommend the beer.
Barry Thickk: .1/5 Stars
Another IPAss...... I need to smoke weed to enjoy these beers. Any body know a good dealer?

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