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Turner Watson: 3/5 Stars
It says "scotch" style ale. I think they mean "Scottish." Whatever. I liked the deep, brown color right away. The taste, however, is more sweet than I expected. Not a bad surprise, but a surprise nonetheless. Light carbonation, about the same as Newcastle. Medium body. This actually reminded me more of an English brew like Samuel Smith's than a more robust offering like Belhaven. Not a bad choice for those that are intimidated by the sort of beer drunk by burly, bearded, kilt-wearing half-viking Scotsmen but still looking for complexity and flavor.
John The Mexican:4.5/5 Stars
EWWWIEEE! This one had some stank on it! Just the way I like it. The foam literally looked like mud, I expected to hate it but a funny thing happened you see, I LOVED IT! Lots going on with the beer, but finished very nicely and I had killed the entire beer in record time. Wanted another!
Barry Thickk: 4/5 Stars
Is this what scot's drink? If so, I'm very proud of my heritage! Smooth caramel, some honey, alcohol presence which led me to want another, another & A N O T H E R one.

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