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Turner Watson: 4/5 Stars
This beer reverses a recent trend. There's been a move towards strict "pumpkin" brews, eschewing the spicier Oktoberfest flavors for something more like grandma's pumpkin pies. This one is a throwback to those spicier Sam Adams and Leinenkugel beers. The pumpkin really shows up in the aftertaste, riding the rich malty hops all the way down the side of Mt. Autumn, stirring up a bunch of dried leaves in the process and okay now I'm drunk..
John The Mexican:4/5 Stars
I rather enjoy this pumpkin time of year, this beer was good & even the bottle of it was good, my pug "chi-chi" couldn't stop licking the bottle.
Barry Thickk: 4.5/5 Stars
Yeaaaahhhh, this is a good representation of the fall beers assaulting our taste buds right now. The pumpkin is a bit more toned-down in the taste. The pumpkin is very apparent up front, but it gives way to cinnamon and nutmeg. Simply put "Delish", a must grab at Belmont Beverage!

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