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Turner Watson: 4.5/5 Stars
Full disclosure: Guinness Stout is my all-time favorite brew. I've had a variety of wonderful Irish stouts, and would never turn down a Beamish or Murphy's...but it is the Guinness logo of the Fenian Harp that I have tattooed on my forearm. So going in to this review, I was nervous. Had they messed up? Played around too much with a perfect formula? And in conclusion I'd say this is STILL the perfect pint...for people who are scared of the inky blackness of a pint of Guinness stout. (Which ironically is actually a deep red, not black.) In other words, this is "Guinness Lite." It has the nuttiness of the original, but it backs off on the hops and barley just enough to let the sweet malt shine through. Would I rather drink a regular pint of the black stuff? Sure. But this is still superior to 90% of the stuff out there right now. The only reason it doesn't get a complete "5 out of 5" is that it pales a wee bit when compared to its older, richer brother.
John The Mexican:5/5 Stars
Guinness Light? I'll take 12. Seriously, these guys could fart a brown rainbow and I'd drink it.
Barry Thickk: 4/5 Stars
Could Guinness just go ahead & bare my children? This was a really good beer by a brewery that knows what the hell its doing! I kinda felt like I was drinking some hybrid between Killian's & a Guinness stout(original). I'm still a fan of the original over this one but bless the smart people of Guinness making quality of life better one pint at a time.

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