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Turner Watson: 4.5/5 Stars
Loves me some Upland, so I was excited to try this seasonal lager. Right off the bat, it looks the part: a very Autumnal amber. Not quite the orange seen on the wrappers of those weird peanut-butter taffy candies you used to get whilst trick-or-treating, but it sure says October to me. And the taste? Another home run for Upland. Instead of loading it up with hops and spices, they just came up with a tremendous Bavarian lager. A hint of sweetness and incredible drinkability. The only thing lacking is a wee bit of body...but it's still great. Excellent Oktoberfest brew, but I'd drink it all year round!
John TheMexican:2.5/5 Stars
It was good. Not great, I was expecting more after trying the other beer this week. But sadly this one just left me wanting another of the other one.
Barry Thickk: 0/5 Stars
I made out with the wrong hooker & caught laryngitis. Incomplete.

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