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Turner Watson: 3/5 Stars
"Brace yourself: the pumpkin-flavored things are coming." And honestly, that's a welcome change from all the mango-lemon-orange-grapefruit flavors finding their way into all manner of summertime brews. I'm usually over the pumpkin stuff by mid-October, but on a night when it got down to 47 degrees (in August! ) I figured it was a decent time to get the ol' punkinball rolling. Right off the bat, this stuff looked the part. Deep amber, almost brown color. Sort of cloudy, too, which I liked. Looks like murky cider. (I really love the fall season, you guys.) And the taste? The nice surprise was that thw pumpkin wasn't overwhelming. It was more like an aftertaste. Other that, I was a bit disappointed in the lack of body. Low carbonation, decent mils finish. This is one time when I'd really amp up the special flavoring. Maybe add some more spices. Not a terrible brew, but sort of a lackluster start to a season that's going to feature all manner of wonderful Oktoberfest, pumpkin, and spiced cider brews.
John TheMexican:4/5 Stars
Is it too early to have pumpkin flavored beer? Why are there no pumpkin flavored jolly rancher candies, these are the things that go through my mind as I drank this beer. And it is simple. Pumpkin dont taste too good, but paired with the coffee like overtones of this beer, it really kind of works. I dig it, you should dig it too!
Barry Thickk: 3/5 Stars
You know summer is on the outs when you start seeing pumpkin/toberfest beers on the shelves. We haven't had a normal hot august so this beer is a decent pregame beer. Pumpkin with some nutty yeast, grainy malt, and a bit if cinnamon. It did lack in the body & carbonation arena though. Better "fall" beer will be on the way...

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