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Turner Watson: 3/5 Stars
Whoah, nelly...a fruity summer brew. I fully expected to hate this beer, which would've been a shame, as I have enjoyed all the different Kona beers I've tried. In fact, a friend got me a sixer of the Longboard brew for a day on the lakes. Hawaii's Kona Brewery has become one of my favorite microbrewers. All good things come to an end though, right? Not in this case! I think the key here is that this really doesn't taste like a beer. The passion fruit is REALLY front and center. It has the body and texture of a nice cream ale, but it felt like I was having a fruity boat drink on an ocean liner. Yes, it was sweeter and fruitier than I usually like. But better than I imagined.
John TheMexican:5/5 Stars
Wann wuku lay lee you know you wanna lay me!!! Bazinga! I LOVED this beer! You can taste Hawaii in the bottle, was a little "floral" at first but I got into this one!
Barry Thickk: 1/5 Stars
I can taste the passion fruit, pineapple, a touch of vanilla. Like a passion fruit creamsicle and if you know me... you know I'm not a fan of "cream" anything in my beer. I know this will get rave reviews for a summer beer but just way to much for my taste. Bring on the Bock & Porter beer's...

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