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Turner Watson: 3/5 Stars
Strangely similar to this week's other beer. Not as sweet, but also not as much body. Subdued hops and roast caramel malts. Deep, dark color and smooth aftertaste. Don't think I've ever had a Filipino beer...but so far, so good! Dark and sweet, just like the skin of a Filipino ladyboy. Wait...DELETE THAT BEFORE PUBLISHING!!
John TheMexican:5/5 Stars: MY PEOPLE! VIVA LA MEXICO! Mexico proves that they can move legal intoxicants from across the border with this selection. Very strong dark beer. Kind of had a different after taste that I couldn't really tell if I liked or not, even after finishing the bottle. Wasn't bad, and worth the try. Even if it is just to impress your old lady the next time you take her to your favorite Mexican spot in town. Because, as you all know, chicks dig guys that know beer!
Barry Thickk: 4.5/5 Stars
I guarantee you John the Mexican had a hard time pronouncing the name of this beer, that being said, so did I.Smooth and drinkable, the balance of flavors is what makes this brew shine. Medium bodied, finishes with a lot of flavor, and a little crispness. Go to Belmont beverage & give this beer a try. Well worth it!

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