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Turner Watson: 3/5 Stars
Mmm...there's a hint of sweet bourbon right off the bat. Also, some black cherries or something. Not fruity, but certainly has that tart sort of taste. It's quite nice with the ample hops. The only drawback was that the sweetness seemed to grow the more I drank, so that it almost tasted like a flat Coke. Cut that a bit and it's an excellent lager..
John TheMexican:5/5 Stars
Oh boy, oh boy, oh BOY! I was so excited when I saw this beer in the six pack they gave us! This beer is one of my all time favorites and if you haven't tried it before get to Belmont Beverage and get a 6 pack... PRONTO! You crack this open and it feels like New Orleans! Dixie is a small brewery in Louisianna and have some really interesting beers, but this one by far is my favorite! Have a Moon Pie to go with it, can't be beat!
Barry Thickk: 3.5/5 Stars
I was excited to try this beer because I once did the deed with a voodoo priestess. Taste is mainly of roasted malt with a caramel sweetness on the finish. Carbonation was a little on the high side of what I like in a lager. Overall, this is a pretty decent beer flavor wise but I think the smell is better. Which is kinda funny because it was the opposite with the voodoo priestess.

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