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Turner Watson: 3.5/5 Stars
The first thing that struck me about this beer was the smell. That hoppy, heady IPA aroma. I thought I was gonna get mule-kicked in the jaw an live every second of it. Surprise! It's a lot milder than I expected. Still a decent India Pale Ale, but less heavy than you'd expect. This would be a good "beginner" IPA. Flavorful and malty, but light. If it had more kick-in-the-balls, I'd give it five stars. As it is, 3.5 will suffice.
John TheMexican:INCOMPLETE: Stars
Have you seen how big Barry's muscles are getting? I am jack's jealous rage!
Barry Thickk: 0/5 Stars
I could never function in a world of IPAss. Do me a favor, on my headstone please put this: "There's more to beer than just hops"

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