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Turner Watson: 4/5 Stars
Oh, this is wonderful. A true shandy! It's like lemonade in a pint of Fosters. Effervescent and fresh...hell, it doesn't even taste alcoholic! Just pure refreshment. Until you've had twelve and can't remember why the lawnmower is on the roof and whose kids are these in the clothes washer? Mommy I've lost a month oh crap it's November HOW DID IT COME TO THIS?
John TheMexican: 5/5 Stars
Stars Is this heaven or is this real life? I'll tell you what I'm suprised the boys of summer didn't come creeping out of a corn field when I opened this delight in a bottle. If you build it, I will drink! About a case more! Seriously, good summer beer here party people! Try it, you will love it.
Barry Thickk: 4/5 Stars
There is no reason to avoid this lemon flavored lager. Mild fruit over a good lager base. This is a good try. Refreshing, get it cold and rub the bottle on your nipples while you enjoy this beer!

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