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Turner Watson: 3/5 Stars
The problem I had going in was that I have no idea what a Belgian Blonde (beer, that is) is supposed to taste like. It's certainly not a Belgian White Ale, and in all honesty I was confused by this weird brew.It actually reminded me of the Danish brewer Carlsberg, being very malty and dense (seriously "heavy" body for a "Blonde" beer.) The malts are almost peaty, reminding me of a too-sweet Scotch, but I also detected a hint of licorice and honey. Imagine a beer version of Bärenjäger with a splash of Dewar's. In other words, not for everyone..but those that love it witll LOVE it.
John TheMexican:4/5 Stars
SWEET NUT BUTTER! Let me just start by saying this. The best 20 dollar investment I made all year was buying the 20 dollar glass set they have available at Belmont. You really get to taste the beers this way and it makes a world of difference in taste when you have these beers in the correct glass! So this one was delicious. Sort of like beer and butterscotch. I really enjoyed and highly recommend it in an elevated ale glass from Belmont Beverage!
Barry Thickk: 2/5 Stars
I imagine this would be Paula Dean's favorite beer. Flavor is buttery with banana and bits of belly button lint(don't ask). I assume by the style that its an old recipe, maybe to old for the average beer drinker to enjoy. I think I need to invest in the glasses that John was talking about.

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