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Turner Watson: *incomplete*/5 Stars
"The Perfect Summer Beer" it says. Right there on the label. Poppycock. Here's the thing: I try and like the fruity beers. Sometimes they're actually refreshing and good. The lemongrass in Leinenkugel's 'Canoe Paddler' is awesome. The hint of orangey citrus in Bell's 'Oberon' is perfect. Hell, I even sorta liked the O'Fallon 'Wheach' beer, and I don't like peach-flavored things. But dude, I gotta draw the line at grapefruit. I thought it would work, since grapefruit (even ruby red grapefruit) is more bitter than sweet. I was mistaken. I refuse to give this beer a bad score, however, because I love the Shiner family of beers, and my prejudice against grapefruit means I can't honestly measure my response to the other qualities of the beer. I gotta tap out on this one.
John TheMexican:5/5 Stars
Another entry from my hometown beer makers. Shiner can not and will not faulter. This is an excelllent beer, I suggest you check out all that Shiner has to offer!
Barry Thickk: .5/5 Stars
This was kinda devastating because the word "Shiner" reminds me of one of my favorite beers, Shiner Bock. I was looking forward to trying this beer, poured it in a glass even. WOW... Tastes like a hot dog with some artificial sweetener and a little grapefruit. It reminds me of a soda in many ways, but a low quality one. How much of this do you have Belmont? We could always give it away at Bear On The Square.

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