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Created by Turner on 5/21/2013 10:23:25 AM

Here's a couple of things you might not know about me. I grew up in Mt. Vernon, Indiana. We had tornados in the Southern part of the state all the tiime. Hell, I played roller hockey for the Griffin Tornados. That name was used by the Griffin High School years ago, after the first high school in Griffin, IN was destroyed guessed it...a Tornado. Once, while working at Hartke Pool in Evansville, I got to watch a funnel cloud form literally a quarter mile from our location. It was awesome and terrifying. When I worked at a radio station in North Carolina, I volunteered to go out in the middle of a hurricane to start our diesel-powered generator. The point is, I love bad weather. It's exciting. However...


That being said, I watched this footage from this week's terribly damaging tornado in Oklahoma, and felt my heart race. My hands got clammy. The eerie "Silent Hill" sirens in the background made my skin crawl. I kept telling the guy who shot the video "GET OUT OF THERE!! GO!! ARE YOU NUTS?" The answer is, yes. Yes, he is. But he also has huge balls of solid rock.


So watch this video. Watch it and think of the people in Oklahoma, people who see this kind of thing way too often.

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