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Turner Watson: 4/5 Stars
Wow. Two great beers this week. We end up tasting a lot of IPA's here (and, frankly, in my own personal life, too. Can't believe I get to do these beer reviews for "work.") Some of the IPA's are better than others. One of my favorites has been the Stone IPA out of San Diego. The O'Fallon brewery just outside of St. Louis gives 'er a run for the money. The only thing holding this India Pale Ale back is actually a lack of hops. IPA's are supposed to be strong, robust, and, as it turns out, hoppy. This beer is almost a regular Pale Ale, lacking a big roundhouse punch o' hops. However, the flavor was amazing, and the smoothness was almost perfect, right to the finish. I'd say this is an excellent starter IPA. Dig in and see what makes these brews so much fun to drink.
John TheMexican:1.5/5 Stars
Damn these IPA's. Why does it taste like I am drinking a pine tree someone forced in a bottle? Far too hoppy for my liking. I have had better IPA's.
Barry Thickk: 0/5 Stars
Pine cones man, Pine cones... These IPA'ss will be the death of my taste buds.

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