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Turner Watson: 4.5/5 Stars
Dude...I could make so many Polish jokes. Jokes about the screen doors on their submarines. Jokes about Polish car bombers. Or the fact that the guy on the label of this beer is actually drinking a different brand of beer, specifically a Carling Black Label (the Canadian PBR.) But the fact is, this is one amazing beer. Perhaps the Poles make awesome beers to go with their amazing sausages and vodkas (even though this one is actually brewed by Dark Horse up in Michigan.) It's somewhat sweet, with the caramel and malts coming through a lot stronger than the hops. I found a bit of almond flavor in the smooth-ass finish. Not bitter, excellent body, good color. It's like the Polish beer version of my lovely wife, Salma Hayek. And as such, I love this beer very much.
John TheMexican:1/5 Stars
Ew. Polish beers are naaaaassty. Did not enjoy this one at all. The fellow looks rather cheeky on the bottle. I was let down.
Barry Thickk: 4/5 Stars
Now this was a very welcomed beer after drinking the IPA'ss. So the polish make something other than a polish sausage(Mind Officially Blown) and damn good at it too. I got a toffee, caramel, and bread flavors which all overwhelm the minor hoppiness that's in the beer. It had a nice mouth feel with a dry finish so it was really easy & smooth to drink. When you go to a fair & they serve the polish sausage, this beer should come free with every purchase.

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