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Turner Watson: 3/5 Stars
It says "strawberry" right there in the name. Instead, it should say "HOLY CRAP!! GINGER!" See, the ginger is a lot more front-and-center than the strawberry. What's weird is that it actually works. That being said, it does take some getting used to. And no, it's not my all-time favorite (if they eased up on the ginger, perhaps I'd score it higher) but it is a great alternative, and despite its gimmicky name I found it a decent change-of-pace.
John TheMexican:2/5 Stars
Exact opposite here, I went into this beer thinking oh snap, a beer a chick would like! Which interprets usually into a beer I like. You see, because I am a bitch. But no, this was nice the first sip but I found the ginger to outweigh the light fruity undertones of the beer. Is ginger suppose to be the key taste? Not sure, but I didn't finish the bottle.
Barry Thickk: .0/5 Stars
Have you watch that TV show where that guy constantly yells "YYYYUUUUUUPPPP" well this beer is the exact opposite, 'NNNNOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPEEEEEE" I don't know what the hell was in this beer but it was all bad. Buy some for the shooting range, that would be cool!

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