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Turner Watson: 4/5 Stars
Mmmmm! It says "ale" but it really tastes more like an IPA. Seriously big hops. WARNING: It's bitter. I like that, but there are some (COUGH! John) that will be turned off by that. I like it and I like the dark-roasted coffee flavors and a hint of...citrus? Yeah...sure is. I'll be damned. Like a little lemon twist in your espresso that Serge serves up at Victor Maitland's art gallery and I watch too many movies. Good stuff, though.
John TheMexican:4/5 Stars
See, now I liked this one and my chick hated it. So if you are a vagina drink this beer! Sorry Belmont Beverage... why do you keep giving me beer to drink I am a horrible reviewer!? She, by the way, is part of their wine club, check that out too. I am sticking to ZIMA with jolleyranchers in them from now. Heyyyy girl, heyyyyyy! Till next week!
Barry Thickk: .5/5 Stars
The bottle said "ale" so I was looking forward to trying this beer....You sonuvabitch, this was an IPA!!!! I really hate it when breweries put hops upon hops in their beers. Hops does not make your beer good. Its an ingredient in the beer not the whole effin' beer! Stop it.

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