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Turner Watson: 2.5/5 Stars
Sweet. Perhaps too sweet for my liking. Like Lexi Belle dipped in honey. Caramel and malt is about all I taste. It's relatively old-school, actually, which I generally enjoy. Not overly hoppy. I think the problem here is that I would need to have this with some nice, greasy fish & chips, like a big Fish'N'More platter from Long John Silvers. With that sort of starchy greasiness to offset the sweetness, I'd probably score it higher. On its own, however, I gotta give it a lower score.
John TheMexican:1/5 Stars
Holy Horse Piss Batman! Ugh. This was NAAAAASTY. However, my girl said it was the best beer she ever had so maybe I am just a pussy? If I would have to take a guess, the latter. 5/5 Stars for the wife.
Barry Thickk: 1/5 Stars
Sour and bitter on the nose. Hands down the worst beer I've ever smelled in my life that hasn't been thrown up. Because in fact it actually does smell like throw up, hooker confirmed. Overall the beer is ok if that's all you got left in your fridge but I would take the extra steps to make sure that it never gets there in the first place. Philippines should go back to producing corn,peas,green beans,squash & fried taranchula's

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