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I get asked all the time about my Rock Girl experience, so here it is all explained in a blog from start to finish…

When I was going through competition, it was intense. There were lots of great ladies trying out, and many of them were qualified for the 2012 position. Now, we all know how it is when you get a bunch of girls together… but the best way to handle the situation, in my opinion, is just be positive and treat others the way you would want to be treated. I didn’t know any of the other girls in the competition, so I had nothing bad to say about them.  With all the personalities and differences in opinions, I didn’t pretend to be someone I’m not. I went at it as just being myself and had fun with all the rounds of voting we had to go through. Honestly, even just going through the competition part was fun; you get to do things most don’t get to. I worked hard and was dedicated to showing how much I wanted to win. I’m all for fair competition, and in this case, that exactly what it was-- Voting and multiple interviews determine who goes and who stays.  The night of the Gala I was more than nervous. I have never been on a stage where each girl has a turn being the main focus. It was nerve wrecking for all of us, but all of the ladies gave it their best. Winning was overwhelming. It took the whole night, and parts of the next day for it to even sink it. Now at the time I was working as the full time assistant manager at Sally’s and part time cosmetologist, both jobs were in Warsaw. I put in my 2 weeks at Sally’s as soon as I got there the next day but wanted to keep my part time salon job. When I won, I was told the Rock Girl position is what you make it, and it is exactly that. I wanted to dedicate all my time that I could to soak up every experience that was given to me, so that is why I let my job go. I could take the cut, and if you win, that would be a decision you will have to make. The Rock Girl position won’t make you rich to where you never have to work again, but the money will get you by. The point of the job is to experience a once in a lifetime chance of becoming a local celebrity and living behind the scenes, I like to say. :) I truly recommend this position to anyone female looking for a new life experience, to mark something off your bucket list. You will meet so many new people, and do many exciting things. The best advice I can give you about it all is that if you want to do it, then just do it. Jump right on it and make the best out of it.... but most of all, be sure you enjoy every minute of it.

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