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6a-10aThe Bob and Tom Show

10a-3p:  Turner Watson (from the TNT Morning Show)

3p-7p  John The Mexican

7p-12m:  Barry Thickk (from the TNT Morning Show)

12m-6a:  Drew

Weekend Warrior and Host of “Local Licks”:  Stamos

 "As you’re no doubt aware there have been a lot of changes going on at The Bear and we wanted to address some of them to you, our listeners. It’s our desire to be as open and honest with you as we can be and we know that some of these changes are upsetting to some of you while making others happy. We feel it’s extremely important to understand that not only will Turner and Barry (The TNT Show) remain with the station, but it’s our belief that putting the Bob and Tom show in the morning will only enhance the overall listening experience for Rockers in Ft. Wayne. Bob and Tom are the #1 show in Ft. Wayne and have consistently been one of the top shows for more than a decade. Given that there are so many Bob and Tom fans in Ft. Wayne we felt it was a very solid decision to move the show over to The Bear.

The Bear has always been, and will continue to be committed to being the best Rock station we can be. The Bear Music and Brand will remain the same. You’ll still be able to hear Turner every weekday from 1-4 and Barry every weeknight from 7-midnight—as well as, your favorite mix of all things Rock.

We want you to understand how much we value the opinions of our loyal listeners. For those of you who are fans of the Bob and Tom Show you’ll be able to hear them starting March 29th at 6 a.m. And for those of you who are not Bob and Tom fans we’re not going to try and convince you to change your mind. But we are still hoping you’ll come back to The Bear for everything else you love about the station – music, contests, Turner, concerts, John The Mexican, a great time, Barry, Local Licks, and Stamos.

We appreciate your support and we appreciate your feedback. We haven’t removed a single comment from Facebook and don’t plan on it. While The Bear is owned and operated by an Indiana company in Federated Media it is indeed your station too and your opinions – both positive and negative – are valuable. And so are you."

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